Child Care Program (CCP)

Child Care Program (CCP)

Child Care Program (CCP) provides educational aid in India to children above 5 years, mainly girls coming from single-mother or economically downtrodden families. Such children are put in the best English medium school near to the home of the children, and their school fees and other expenses related to their education is paid by FICF. Around 200 children each year are supported through this program from various parts of India in partnership with many orphanages, homes, and institutions. Most of these children never dreamt of stepping further than the entrance gate of an English medium school but FICF made it possible for them to be educated in the best of English medium schools. There are several deserving candidates awaiting support through the CCP program of FICF. If you are interested to sponsor a child or the CCP program kindly contact us.

Rajeshwari is 13 and lives in the State of Tamil Nadu. Her mom works in a cashew nut factory and her father is unable to support the family financially. During the pandemic the factory was closed and the family struggled to buy basic things. Rajeshwari would not have the chance to go to school without help from outside. There are many children like her who grow up very poor without a chance of English education.


Statistics show that much more needs to be done to improve the country’s gender imbalance. FICF through its CCP program helps girl children from poor families to get good education and to come up in life.

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