Silvia Jotterand – Board President

I was born and raised in Switzerland and married Fabrice in 1992. We moved to the US in 1995 and have moved around quite a bit since then. We have four children who were all born in the US and I was happy to be a stay at home mom. In 2008, I was hired by a printing company in Dallas and have been there since serving as Vice President. I have never worked in the non profit realm but when I was asked to consider working with OneMaker, I was moved and impressed by the work of the organization in India. Fabrice and I have had the privilege to sponsor a child in Haiti through another non profit organization before we knew about OneMaker. Giving a child an opportunity to grow and succeed that they would otherwise would not have had has been very inspiring. I have been the President of OneMaker since 2018 and have loved the opportunity to grow and adapt. I have a special place in my heart for these children that live in poverty with minimal opportunities for their future. This year, 2020, has posed an even greater threat to the country’s health. We might be a small non profit organization but even helping one child or family brings an abundance of blessings. Their stories are encouraging and I hope that we can help many more.

Fabrice Jotterand - Board Vice President

I have been married to Silvia since 1992 and the proud father of four children, two daughters and two sons. I am originally from Switzerland but moved to the United States in 1995 with my wife for my education and subsequent academic career. As a child I spent five years in Italy (my mother is Italian, from the region near Milan) and therefore remains very much attached to the European continent - especially its culinary traditions and soccer culture (I am a big fan of Juventus!). As a teenager I dreamed about becoming a professional soccer player and did not imagine an academic career… but I never looked back despite a long and arduous path to get there. Because of my multi-cultural background and the opportunity to live in various countries such as England, Canada and the United States, I am always seeking to get to know people and make friends from other countries, traditions, and cultures. A humanist at heart - after all, what can we expect from a philosopher! – understanding how ideas and practices from other parts of the world impact the human condition and the meaning of the good life provides many opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions. For this reason, serving on the board of OneMaker provides an opportunity to help children and families in need.

Margaret H. Rice – Board Member

Margaret H. Rice has served on the OneMaker board for many years. OneMaker aligns with Margaret’s personal mission to encourage others to develop their God-given potential. Her heart and strengths are in ministry and teaching. She served alongside her husband, Pastor Gene Rice, DMin., for over 38 years in the education, outreach and youth ministries of four churches. She also worked for 17 years at the University of Houston-Victoria (Victoria, TX) in several capacities, including Director of Student Services and Regional Outreach, Chief of Staff for the university president, and faculty. Margaret attended Baylor University for her undergraduate study; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for a master’s degree in religious education; and, Texas A&M University (College Station) for a Doctorate in Adult and Higher Education. The Rices have recently moved to Dallas, Texas to be closer to their children and grandchildren. They look forward to finding their place of service at Wilshire Baptist Church, which has many areas of outreach and ministry.

Jay Walthall - Board Member

I was born in Ashland, Kentucky and lived in West Virginia as a child for 12 years. In 1953 my Dad moved us to Victoria, Texas, and I became a confirmed Texan. I graduated from high school in Victoria, attended Victoria College, Texas A&I University, The University of Houston. I met Carla, my wife, in Victoria in 1964 and accepted the Lord in September of that same year. We were married in 1965 and I was drafted into the US Army in September 1966. We spent 3-1/2 years in the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa), which became the most edifying time of our lives! This was at a time when all of the Christian missionaries who had been expelled from China by the Communist government had settled in the peripheral islands and continued their ministries to the refugees personally and by radio to the Chinese mainland. God used these experiences to instill hearts for missions within us! I first met Jana Harp in Midland, MI, in the fall of 2004 at a mission conference. After hearing her vision and calling to the Afghan people I realized that God was calling me to come along side and support the work God had called her to. Shortly thereafter Jana moved to Herat, Afghanistan and began work with women there and stayed until it became too dangerous to remain. At that time we were working as a non-profit organization under the umbrella of The Heritage Foundation, however, the law was changed and the option of using a proxy non-profit was removed. In 2007 we began the arduous task of obtaining the not-for-profit (501c3) status from the IRS. March 4, 2008, the 501c3 status was granted to OneMaker which allowed the corporation to receive tax deductible donations. As a result of the establishment of the initial corporation I became Vice President, Director and Registered Agent. I remained as Vice President and Director until 2019 when I became Director…which I am today.

Daniel Graham​ - Board Member

Daniel Graham splits his time between Dallas and Austin. He is married to a Colombian woman with two young children. His passion is small business and learning anything new. He's been with OneMaker for nearly a decade, drawn by the organization's heart for the marginalized.

Sarah Jotterand - Board Member

I am the second of four children to Fabrice and Silvia. I was raised in a Christian home and remember attending Sunday School, Awana, Vacation Bible School and youth group. However, it wasn’t until I went to college where my faith really became my own. I attended Saint Louis University and became involved with a campus ministry called Chi Alpha. It was there where I saw what a personal relationship with Christ looks like and the transformation He can have in people’s lives including my own. Before college, I compartmentalized my life into boxes such as school, sports, music, friendships and God. I realized that this was a huge road block in allowing my faith to grow. Instead, God wanted to be the sole box. It was through Him that He gave me a love for showing compassion to vulnerable people, a heart for deep and rich friendships, and even the love to worship Him through running. I have grown to have a heart for missions and become the hands and feet of God. The last 2 years, I have had the opportunity through Chi Alpha to take a week long trip to Mexico and partner with an organization called Casas for Cristo. It was there that we built a house for a family, meeting one of their most basic needs. Beyond giving them a home, the family was connected to a local pastor and was able to tangibly see that God has a deep and unconditional love for that family. These mission trips a significant impact in my own walk with God by giving me a deep desire to live out His calling for me every day. I am currently working as an oncology nurse in DC. In a field of work that is very vulnerable and challenging, my mission is simple: to love.

Linda Ardoin- Board Member

My name is Linda Ardoin. I am a native Texan. My husband and I have lived in Inez, Texas since 1978. Inez is a small farming/ranching community outside of Victoria, Texas (along the Texas coast). I am a retired elementary teacher and a musician. I have two children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandson. I also have a very spoiled dachshund named Mimi Rose. I was raised to have a heart for missions. I know we all need to help each other as we go about our lives. In the 1980's I was privileged to live in the Middle East for a year. I met many people from India and grew to love each and every one of them. OneMaker gave me an opportunity to be a part of truly making a difference in the lives of children in India by furthering their education (which is a large part of my life). I was privileged to join OneMaker early in 2020. My two sponsored girls....... The testimony I spoke of at our meeting...... One of my girls said, "You have helped us when no one else would during this pandemic. You have helped me fulfill my dream of studying in school." My other girl said, "It is because of you that I was able to study in a good school. I want to study well. It is through your help that I know my vision is to sponsor needy children in the future."

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