Meet the President of OneMaker – Silvia Jotterand

I was born in Fribourg, Switzerland as the youngest of 5 children. Growing up, my family was active in the Christian evangelical church but it was only at 18 that I made a decision to become a Christian. My husband, Fabrice, and I met in a Bible College and got married in a beautiful small reformed church in Switzerland in 1992. Three years into our marriage, we packed our belongings and moved to Massachusetts where Fabrice started his studies in Theology. The plan was for Fabrice to finish his Masters degree in the US and move back to Switzerland to do this PhD, but God had other plans. We have now lived in the United States since 1995, have 4 children, endured 8 major moves, and Fabrice finished not one but two Masters degree and a PhD in Ethics. Although being away from our family in Switzerland has been very difficult, I would not want to trade it for the world. Our children, Steven (25), Sarah (24), Michael (20) and Naomi (18) are the joy of our lives. Being a full time mom to my children is the most important thing to me. I knew this is what God called me to do. When my youngest started Kindergarten, I was asked by friends to join in their new printing company in Plano, Texas. I started as a customer representative, and overtime was able to take on more and more responsibility.

After my friends purchased a second printing company, I became the Vice President of the company, the position I currently hold. In August 2016, we moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where my husband started a new job at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I stayed on board with the printing company, and now work full time from home. It was during that transition time that I started praying to God asking what else there was for me. My children were gaining more independence and leaving for college. I continued to pray if there was anything new God wanted me to do for the kingdom of God. And when I was asked to consider being the President of OneMaker, I was surprised but I knew God was preparing my heart for an opportunity like this. I am extremely honored and excited for an opportunity like this. Although it will be a learning curve as I take on a new role, I know God has a big plans for OneMaker. My wish is that we can be a blessing in this world by allowing God to use us in unique ways.

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